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Georgian Spring 1955

'Buzz' BlogginsSimple Radio server updated to 1.51.0 today
DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone - An open source Stand alone Radio for DCS integrating with all clickable cockpits and FC3 Aircraft
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'Buzz' BlogginsRan some tests last night and mission generated correctly, ran fine, but at the end it did not save the results and generate the next mission. Very frustrating since it works fine on the development computer but not on the server. I think it must be a Windows 10 issue.
'Buzz' BlogginsWe will begin testing next week after working out any bugs introduced by the update today to the Open Beta. Things are looking up.
'Buzz' BlogginsStill waiting for ED to fix the Flack and a few other WWII Assets Pack issues.... Work is going well on the rest of the mission building though
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'Buzz' Bloggins   Welcome!
'Buzz' BlogginsWill start testing with today's hotfix as soon as I get it downloaded when I get home from work. It looks like the problem is fixed from the change log so I am hopeful that we can start tove forward again.
'Buzz' Bloggins   Ok, I may have spoken too soon, looks like the update broke FLAK guns...
'Buzz' BlogginsOk, so still waiting for ED to fix some of the ground objects before starting to finalize the Campaign and get it on the server for testing. In the interim, I have been working on another dogfight mission that is on the Normandy Map, kinda like the Battle of Britain 2.0 with MiGs and Sabres!

This map should enter the rotation in a few days, just trying to get the GCI sorted out. This mission will use as few mods, like the B-29 and the M-4 Bison bombers. It will also use the ED WWII Assets Pack, for what that's worth.

A full list of mods required for the server will be posted shortly. along with a description of how to install them using JSGME and a complete list of the skins and links to them.
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'Buzz' Bloggins   Welcome!
'Buzz' BlogginsNo. 54 Sqn showing off the power of Tacview. This is the same mission as the one in the video linked below.
Jack Wall - DCS Sabre - Georgia Springs 1955 Server - No.54 ...
I use Natural Point Track IR
'Buzz' BlogginsNo. 54 Sqn making excellent use of the training opportunity
F86 Sabres - Georgian Spring Server - 54 Squadron
Joker has put up the TacView video of this flight here: http...
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