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'Buzz' BlogginsTomorrow's Sabre Sunday May be delayed or postponed, will update in a couple of hours.
'Buzz' BlogginsDCS-Simple Radio now updated to version 1.3.0
'Buzz' BlogginsCheck the calendar for events. Sundays will be Campaign days but until then we will run special events on Sundays. Thursday evenings will be Dogfight night and Tuesday evenings will be training nights.
'Buzz' Bloggins   You must be signed in to see events
2./JG51_doughboy_Happy to fly either, am having trouble Bookmarking your TS ?
'Buzz' Bloggins   Let me have a look when I get home Sunday. Mainly we use DCS Simple Radio for in plane comms.
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2./JG51_doughboy_Very interested in flying this server, any weekly flights of any type, fly Mig and Sabre
'Buzz' Bloggins   Yes, we are currently running events roughly every second Sunday. Not sure if this week is going to 'fly' - depending upon when I get home Saturday - or not....

We will be going to a campaign after the bugs are wired out and the stats are set up.

We are in particular looking for a couple of Mig squadrons to participate but Sabers are welcome too!
'Buzz' BlogginsServer is updated to 1.5.6 Update 1

DCS-SimpleRadio server is updated to [link]
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